Entry #1

Check this out all Myspace users!

2010-02-15 04:03:26 by robbd2005

Check out my myspace music page and hear some of my music and watch my all these haters video! show support. Dont hate! Go to www.myspace.com/323royal and add me! Thanks.

Check this out all Myspace users!


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2010-03-31 01:45:11

If you had some higher production it'd be dope as hell, I genuinely like that haters song. what's the song playing on the ring tone?


2010-03-31 01:56:41

it's just kind of quiet. still a good song dude, no offense when i said the thing about the production values.

hit me up if ur gonna release a cd n u need some art for it. if ur not into my style, that's cool. no pressure.


2010-04-25 11:14:47

The noob writing this comment does not have myspace, but feels the need to inform you of that.
He is also well aware he is spamming, but would hate to stop writing this comment... For some reason.